The Stick

by Bea | November 4th, 2008 | Exercise Equipment, Exercises

Do you have sore or tight muscles? Have you been itching for a personal masseuse? Well, The Stick can solve almost all of your problems.

At first glance, The Stick looks like a stick with some pieces of cut up PVC pipe in between two handles. However, in reality, The Stick is an amazing device used to compress and stretch muscles. It prevents and predicts muscle injuries, increases strength and flexibilty, disperses the effects of lactic acid, and accelerates muscle recovery. It is made out of a space-age plastic that is designed not to break and the center of the stick is covered by spindles. Each of these spindles is designed to roll independently over certain muscles. With each spindle, you can pinpoint target muscles and really work with certain muscles.

There are many different types of Sticks. For instance, you could get the Original Body Stick ($42.50) that is 24 inches long and has 15 working spindles or you could get the Computer Stick ($40.00) that is 22 inches long that is designed to be extremely flexible and for the computer athlete. There are Travel Sticks ($27.50) that are 17 inches long and have 8 spindles and also Marathon Sticks ($32.00) that have been made popular by world-class distance runners.

The Stick has a great website that shows you all of the different ways you can use a Stick. The site shows all of the techniques you can use to target your lower back, upper arms, feet, and more. Of course, there are general guidelines you should follow. For instance, when using The Stick, you should keep your muscles relaxed during rollout. Also, you should remember that you should not harm yourself when using The Stick and that using The Stick roughly and excessively could cause muscle soreness. You should use the stick before, during, and after workouts in order to aid in its effectiveness.

I own a Stick, and it is possibly one of the best things I have ever owned!

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