Timing is Everything

by Chang Song | September 21st, 2010 | Eating Tips

Here in the United States, every American wants to be skinny. There is an overgrown obsession with working out. Millions people know what to do but don’t know when to.

Many people have strived to become skinny, but it is hard to drop that couple of pounds. Now, you can just hear those weight-loss programs licking their chops, booking commercials and placing advertisements like it’s no one’s business. People know they need to work out, but they don’t know when; they know they need to eat certain things but they don’t know when to.

When to exercise is a question many people disregard because it doesn’t matter when you exercise, just as long as you do it you will get the same result, right? Well, not necessarily. Time does factor into how beneficial your workout is going to be, just like time does factor into when Santa comes because if Santa comes during Easter it is not the same as when he drops down the chimney on Christmas Eve. Research by Dr. David G. Davila, a researcher studying effects of exercising, has found that exercise is good but timing gets one the maximum benefits. “A good workout can make you more alert, speed up your metabolism and energize you for the day ahead, but exercise right before bedtime can lead to a poor night’s sleep,” Davila explains.

Davila mention in his report that exercise in the late afternoon would be best because body temperature at this time is close to sleeping temperature. “Body temperatures rise during exercise and takes as long as 6 hours to begin to drop. It’s important to allow the body time to cool off before sleep.”

People often know what to eat but don’t know when to eat it. The most important meal is breakfast, and rightfully so:  if you don’t eat a healthy breakfast you will feel sluggish and winded. That should close the door on skipping meals. Next, time your meals. Usually eat a big meal three to four hours before exercise and have snacks during exercise if necessary–that all depends on how you feel. After exercise, within two hours, eat something with protein and carbohydrates to help your muscles recover.

Thus, timing is everything. Things done at a certain time won’t be the same as things done on the right time. Santa Claus on a hot Easter day is no good.

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