Train: MMA Fighter Style

by Mackenzie M. | March 5th, 2013 | Lower Body, Strength Training

squatMMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters carry an incredible amount of strength in their lower bodies, but still remain agile enough to out maneuver their opponents in a fight. While their training to build up their lower body muscles is very tough, many of their key lessons can be applied to your lower body strength training routine at home. MMA fighting may be a male dominated profession, but these workouts are great for either gender. Great technique and subtle strength are the keys to fighting and are acquired through muscle memory and repetition by going to the gym regularly. For the average person, this means a great beach body and a build up of lower body strength.

No lower body workout is complete without squats. Front squats build up the upper body, but focus on the strength of the legs and glutes. The front squat can be done with a barbell of varying weights, depending on your physical strength level. To complete a squat, hold the barbell on your shoulders and bend through the knees in a traditional squatting motion and come right back up. Front squats will strengthen the entire body, even without the use of a heavy barbell. For those just starting, try squats 3-6 times. Squats are free and can be done anywhere, anytime.

An exercise known as the heavy sled is a popular workout among MMA fighters because of its great results. The heavy sled increases conditioning but also builds up an incredibly strong lower body. To complete the exercise, one must go to a gym with the right equipment. Put heavy plates on the workout sled and do 10 second sprints to build up the lower body. This activity is quite intense and should only be completed after an adequate amount of training time. Once mastered, however, the heavy sled is the foremost way to build lower body strength like an MMA fighter.

Climbing the stairs is by far one of the best ways to build up leg and glute muscles. This exercise is widely used to tone and build up the lower body. MMA fighters find this exercise easy to complete, as only a set of stairs is required. This can be completed at home or at work. Simply walk or run up and down a few flights of stairs in order to achieve the desired level of resistance and stretching. ‘Running the stairs’ is very effective and can even be done in the workplace.

Finally, rest is a key to building lower body strength. This is a time in the regimen when muscles can repair themselves and grow. Two or three days a week of not working out actually is equally important as the workout itself. Be sure to use these exercises to train like an MMA fighter for a solid lower body.

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