Trying Toe Shoes

by Mackenzie M. | August 9th, 2012 | Running

You’ve seen them on the feet of acquaintances or friends.  Sure they may look a bit funny, but you’re beginning to think they may provide the benefits of running barefoot while still protecting your feet.

Since they’ve been on the market for a while now, prices have come down, and there are many versions available.  Maybe this is the week you will decide to give toe shoes a try.

If you have wondered about the benefits of running barefoot, as humans did for thousands of years, then give this type of shoe a try. Unlike regular running shoes, these allow for a more natural gait – where the toe hits the ground before the heel does. What can be wrong with running the way nature intended us to run?

Since my little toe is almost non-existent, I hesitated buying a shoe that would separate it from its neighbor.  I ended up being surprised.  Since the toe had to basically “pull its weight,” it seemed as if my center of balance felt stronger.  In addition, I decided not to go on a long run the first time wearing them.  I eased into using them slowly.  For me, that strategy worked, and now I enjoy wearing them for shorter runs.

Reviews of running in these shoes, however, are mixed.  Some claim to have aching feet after a run – including the toes themselves and the sole of the foot.  Others tout how much more relaxed they feel while wearing them during a jog.  And still others complain about how difficult some brands are to get on the foot itself.  Basically, you may need to try the product for yourself before you can pass judgement on whether they provide benefits or not.

Although I don’t wear them for every run, I am glad I decided to purchase a pair of toe shoes. For a relatively low price, I was able to experience this fad, and I am glad that I did.

Benefits of Toe Shoes

-All toes forced to work.

-Offer some protection while experiencing a “barefoot” run.

-Allow the foot to work as nature intended.

Drawbacks of Toe Shoes

-No cushioning for those with joint problems.

-Difficult to get on.

-Protection on the top of the foot minimal.


Comments on Trying Toe Shoes

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