Understanding the Lies: Body Image in Pop Culture

by Marnie Bii | March 13th, 2024 | Mind & Body
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Basing our body image expectations on images seen in pop culture is much akin to chasing rainbows. The images do not represent a healthy or obtainable female form. Photo editing tools, makeup and lighting tricks are prominent. The video depicting the creation of an “ideal” image for an advertisement details the transformation process from beginning to end. During the process, a healthy, attractive woman is transformed into a cartoon-like depiction with heavily skewed proportions.

Furthermore, beauty standards drastically differ from country to country. Trying to keep up with theses ideals is not only unrealistic, it’s exhausting. If you must compare your body to others, try to find natural depictions of the female form without any alternations, including clothing and makeup. Fitted clothing and makeup tricks can hide or eliminate perceived imperfections to make the image look far more perfect than it really is.

Instead of chasing an ideal, the healthiest way to approach body image is to identify your own personal best. Identify a good weight number for your height and build, and then attempt to stick around that number. Improve your perception of yourself by learning unique ways to highlight your best features with jewelry, makeup and clothing to create your own personal transformation.

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