Walk a Mile in Your Own Shoes

by Joan Jacobsen | April 25th, 2012 | Fitness Expert

I never realized or imagined that a pair of good athletic shoes would make a stunning difference with performance, comfort, and even confidence. I also never imagined that the most difficult part of making that ultimate choice would become a very tedious effort. Unfortunately, there are so many options that are available to everyone on any level, they can make your head spin. There are shoes for every sport imaginable, and when you are choosing the right pair for you, it can be a daunting experience that will bowl you over (bowling shoes) and knock you out (boxing shoes).

For fourteen months I ran, trained, and competed in my all-purpose athletic shoes that were purchased on sale approximately three years ago. This is a no-no according to Web MD’s Clifford Jeng, MD who is a foot and ankle surgeon in Baltimore. Dr. Jeng claims an average pair of running shoes should be replaced after every 350-400 miles of use. Noticing that my distance and time were pretty much at a standstill and not progressing in the way I had hoped (I was adding distance and frequency). I weighed all of the elements involved in my running program. Could it be that my tires needed re-treading or perhaps a brand new set could enhance my performance? Envision the soles on your shoes and how much wear and tear they receive from all of the activity that you impose upon them. That should give you a hint of whether it’s time to make that important decision regarding your feet and their coverings. Is it time to recycle (yes, even your sneakers can be used for something else) your old footwear?

Trust me, owning at least two pairs of sport shoes can build self-confidence and determination. On the very first day of training, I was able to cut almost two minutes from my previous best running time; however, before you go out and purchase a new pair that would be suitable for you, please do a little research first by regarding which activity you will be using these for. Will you be participating in a Zumba class, riding a bike, playing tennis, or walking? Take into consideration durability, comfort, and wear before you go out and purchase that stylish pricey pair. After reading and deciding what would benefit me, I narrowed my choices to five. I carried my list of the different brands and styles; luckily the associate that assisted me was also a runner and helped with my final decision.

When you are ready, make sure you bring your socks that you will be wearing, try on many pairs, walk or even run around in the store, have enough room at the tip (about a thumbs length), and always strive for comfort. Good luck with your choice, have fun when breaking them in, and always remember what Cinderella once said, “The perfect shoes can change your life!”

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