Walking in Heels

by Bea | December 8th, 2011 | Walking

Are you stuck wearing heels to work or for another commitment? Don’t worry, that only means that you will be putting yourself in a position to exercise. I must put a disclaimer out there that heels are not typically good for your feet. They can give you shin splints and in general, provide little support for your feet; however, you may need to walk in heels from time to time.

Studies have shown that high heels can create a firmer butt and work out your calves. You probably already knew the calves portion of that fact. Livestrong.com even has a workout that is based on wearing high heels. It was developed by Rosalind Neilin, a Florida trainer. The workout focuses on the different types of walking in heels in order to gain the maximum benefit from being stuck with them. Participants walk at different tempos depending on the type of music being performed. Neilin also incorporates balancing acts, such as balancing glassware. This is done in order to perfect “the walk.”

In general, if you walk in heels, you will be working out your calves and your butt; however, the trade off may be that your feet may hurt a lot. There are a few things that you can do in order to prevent injuries while walking in heels. One exercise is the calf stretch. Wearing heels tightens your calf, and this shortens the calf muscles. By stretching, you can lengthen the calf. Another good idea to protect your foot is to trace the letters of the alphabet in the air. This will strengthen the foot and make sure that your ankle does not get hurt.

Walking in heels has its benefits, but in the long run they may to be very good for your feet. The key is moderation so that your heel-bound foot is not in too bad of shape.

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