Winter Walking

by MPK | November 11th, 2010 | Walking

treadmillIf you live in a region upon which snow and ice will soon descend, how can you continue your regimen of walking?  The simple choice of walking in your neighborhood may be eliminated, if your streets become more narrow and your sidewalks aren’t plowed well.  That doesn’t mean that you need to find a new workout for the winter, you just need to utilize a little creativity and put forth a little more effort.

  1. Treadmill– If you own a treadmill, start using that for your workout.  To fight boredom, bring your iPod or mp3 with you during your workout, or place a television within your viewing range.
  2. Mall– Find a mall of decent size, and start walking there.  It  may be beneficial to walk before the stores open to avoid strollers and shoppers in your route.  Plus, some malls offer rewards programs for people who walk there regularly.
  3. Parking lot– Parking lots need to have the snow cleared, so they may be in better condition than your sidewalk.  Of course, you’re going to want to walk before or after the parking lot is filled with cars, so make sure it is well lit.
  4. Snowshoes– Own a pair of snowshoes?  Put them on your feet and find an empty field or park.  While still just walking, snowshoeing requires more effort and will provide you with a higher intensity workout.

Don’t let a little snow or ice undermine your exercise regimen.  With a little creativity and effort, you will find a way to keep walking through the winter!

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