15 Minute Cardio Push Up Routine

by Joe Lawrence | September 11th, 2014 | Cardio, Indoor

push up (400x400)Have you ever noticed that those with large chest muscles are able to get away with an imperfect set of abs. The large chest allows you to offset this because your belly isn’t sticking out further than your pecs. Today I am going to help you not only get a larger chest, but do it in a manner that raises your heart rate, burns calories, and will help the abs too.

For those who do not know me well, know I love push ups and will preach about their benefits forever. So, needless to say, this is a push up routine and it is very simple in its application; however, it is a butt kicker for sure.

First exercise is a decline push up. For this you need to raise your feet off of the ground. If you are in a gym, use a flat bench. If at home, use a chair, bed frame, coffee table, or anything else that can support your weight without giving. Then keep your hands on the floor and knock out 10-15 push ups.

Without taking a rest, place your feet back on the ground and do thirty normal push ups.

Again avoid a rest or breather and move right into the next position. This is going to be incline push up time. Here are you are going to place your hands on the same surface you used for your feet and keep your feet on the ground. Push out 20 reps.

Last in this set are 20 more regular push ups. This round normally has people dropping as their arms give out. If this happens, do girl push ups. Just keep moving.

After this, you can take a 30-45 second break.

Now that you are well rested, round two begins.

This time you are going to do one less decline push up than before. So if you made it to 15, shoot for 14 this time.

As you drop into the regular push ups, you get to subtract five and set your sight on 25 reps.

For the incline push ups, go for 15 and finish this set with 15 regular push ups before taking the 30-45 second break.

The final round is rather predictable at this point, but I am never one to assume anything. For decline push ups, do one less than in round two. As you hit the dirt for the regular push ups, shoot for 20. Then only 10 this time around for the set of incline push ups and top it all off with 10 more regular push ups.

This workout usually takes me close to 15 minutes. If it is too hard, convert to girl push ups (knees on the ground) during the regular push up reps. If it is too easy, add more reps and shorten the breaks to 30 seconds.

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