3 Technologically Advanced Workout Apparel Items

by Marnie Bii | March 19th, 2015 | Accessories, Exercise Wear

woman exercise (400x400)Although you can complete your workouts in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, technologically advanced workout apparel can make your sessions more comfortable and enjoyable. Exercise wear designers are creating gear from high tech fabrics that reduce odor and sweat output. Furthermore, many of the garments use specially designed inks that respond to moisture to create fun, inspiring phrases and images. You can even find workout wear that connects directly to the internet to act as a trainer throughout your routine.

High Tech Materials

Materials made from bamboo quickly pick up moisture from the surface of your skin and allow it to evaporate into the air. Removing sweat from your skin helps prevent rashes that are often caused by excess moisture trapped against your body by constrictive fabrics. Furthermore, the sweat wicking materials feature an added benefit of reducing odor produced by sweat. The threads actually kill the bacteria that cause the smell of body odor.

Other manufacturers are creating their clothing from Kevlar for a light, strong design that does not impede movement in any way. If you spend a lot of time in the pool, pick up a swimsuit with chlorine resistant threads that prevent fading and disintegration of the fabric. One of the most interesting materials used for workout wear is one created from proteins in milk. Its silky strands feature all natural materials that do not cause reactions in sensitive individuals.

Sweat Activated Gear

If you prefer to see sweat as a byproduct of your effort and progress, you may enjoy workout wear made with hidden ink that activates when wet. As you workout, inspirational sayings and images pop up on your shirts and shorts to keep you moving forward in your routine. The slow development of the sweat-activated images may push you to increase the intensity to see the reward much faster.

Fully Connected Pieces

If you need a bigger hit of encouragement than interesting inks can provide, pick up workout wear that connects to your Smartphone to act as a fitness monitor and personal trainer. The tops and bottoms measure muscle activity, sweat, heart rate and movement to rate your routine and provide healthy suggestions. Each of the sensors watches a certain section of your body to pinpoint areas that need more work. Furthermore, it tracks your intensity throughout the workout to identify exercises that are too easy for your current fitness level. With further updates, these outfits may even provide measurements and suggestions for your posture and stress levels.

Picking Up New Exercise Wear

As you increase the duration and intensity of your workouts, you will see improved results after each session. If workout wear can help you meet these increased goals, the associated costs are often well worth the price. Always try out each type of exercise apparel to see if the material and design fits your need and feels comfortable on your frame. Give the items a few chances to win you over before trading them in for the next design.

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