4 Exercise Balls to Get in Shape

by Marnie Bii | September 9th, 2014 | Accessories, Exercise Equipment

exercise ball (400x400)Are you looking for quick and easy ways to work an exercise routine into your day? If so, you can keep exercise balls on hand for fast, efficient workouts anytime and anywhere. These balls can fit in your trunk, sit in the corner of your office or stay at home for impromptu exercise sessions. Here are four exercise ball options to consider.

Medicine Ball

If you’re just starting an exercise plan, create a routine centered around medicine balls. With sizes ranging from four to fifteen pounds, this is an excellent piece of equipment for beginners. Start at the lower weight range to avoid overtaxing your body in the beginning. You want to slowly increase the weight to a challenging level to prevent injuries. You can build core strength and improve flexibility by performing simple moves while holding an adequately sized medicine ball. Try rock and roll ups, torso twists and pushups to begin your training routine.

Wall Ball

The wall ball is a popular piece of equipment used in CrossFit gyms. Wall balls mimic medicine balls in weight and size, but use sturdier materials designed to increase grip. You can find them in the twelve to twenty pound range. This ball was designed for wall slams, which involves performing a squat, and then throwing the ball at an overhead target on the wall on the way back up. You can also perform burpees in the same way. In true CrossFit fashion, both exercises should be performed at a high intensity and volume.

Slam Ball

A stronger version of the wall ball is the slam ball, also developed for CrossFit routines. Slam balls are available from ten to fifty pounds. These balls feature a cork core covered in an extremely durable material. The balls come with a three year to lifetime guarantee that covers replacement if the material splits down the seams. You can use these balls in place of free weights or for overhead slams.

Stability Ball

The stability ball is a versatile piece of equipment that enables you to perform body weight training nearly anywhere. Stability balls also give you a good platform for flexibility exercises. You can even improve your posture by replacing your office chair with a stability ball on a stand. Choose a ball that allows you to keep your knees at a ninety-degree angle while sitting. Perform plank pikes, crunches and bridges to start toning your body with this ball.

Creating A Routine

Take your fitness goals into account when selecting the right exercise ball for you. For a full body workout, keep all of the exercise balls on hand and rotate the routines each week. If you just want to work on flexibility, the stability and medicine balls will meet your needs. To gain strength and stamina, make use of the wall and slam balls a few times a week. Gauge your progress to decide if you should add new exercises or ball types into your daily or weekly routine.

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