5 Tips for Summer Fitness

by Melissa | June 17th, 2008 | Family Fitness

The sun beats down, the days are hot and humid, the air is sticky- yes, summer is here. So, how do you stay fit and active when all you want to do is stay in your house and dream about the cooler days of autumn?

Here are five tips to help you remain active during the dog days of summer:

1. Start a little earlier. Before sunrise is the best time to walk, jog, run or shuffle. The cooler temperatures of night are still lingering, and your body is rested and ready for the day. Don’t forget to stretch.

2. Stay hydrated. I know, everyone knows they should drink more water as the temperature climbs, but do we do it? Water is absolutely essential for health. Get in the habit of drinking a glass of water every time nature calls. Hey, don’t laugh. Water in, water out, right?

3. Eat lighter. That’s right, avoid the heavy stuff and you’ll feel better, less sleepy and sluggish, and more active. Heavy meals make your digestive system work harder, drawing more of the body’s energy to that region and away from the brain and muscles. It’s true! What do you want to do after a heavy meal? If you’re honest, you’ll say hit the couch and crash.

4. Take an evening walk. After the sun goes down is a perfect time for some light exercise. Don’t go crazy, just get out and move. A stroll or an easy bike ride will help ease the tensions of the day and prepare your body for eventual sleep. Be sure to apply your insect repellent. Those little critters like to dine late, and you’re the main course!

5. Get adequate rest. Occasional late nights and going for an evening on the town are OK. Getting your groove on is exercise. Just don’t make it an everyday occurrence.

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