7 Most Common Reasons for Needing a Medical Certificate Signed by a GP

by Editorial Team | June 12th, 2015 | Fitness Expert, Medical

rsz_stethoscope_3No one ‘likes’ to go to the doctor even if there is a need to get in right away for an illness that suddenly popped up. The wait times are horrendous and doctors simply don’t have the time for patient care that they once had. Most try to make the time but with tight schedules, it can be a nightmare.

Now then, when you add GP medical certificates into the mix, you could be waiting months to see a doctor! If you are planning to leave the country or have a job waiting for you, that could be a deal breaker. Here are seven of the most common reasons for needing a medical certificate and why so many people are opting for private GPs like the London Doctors Clinic.

1) Visa Medicals
Immigration and visa medicals are one of the most common reasons for needing GP medical certificates. The law is quite specific in this regard and there is no getting around legally mandated requirements.

2) Flying Fitness
Some patients have medical conditions in which the airlines are reluctant to issue tickets unless a GP states that it is safe for them to fly. Amongst the most common groups here are heart patients and pregnant women. If you fall into a group that needs a certificate of fitness to fly, your quickest route would most likely be to see a private GP.

3) Performance Fitness
A fitness to perform certificate may be required by some jobs initially, such as seafarers, but they are almost always required after medical leave. If you are waiting for a medical to return to work, you will surely want to get it as quickly as you can. A private GP can offer that benefit.

4) Sports Fitness Certificates
All professional teams require fitness certificates. As well, school teams may require a medical certificate for two reasons. Obviously they want to ensure the safety of their students but insurance considerations are another prime consideration. If a player is driven beyond his or her medical capabilities, the school could be party to a major liability suit.

5) Insurance Referral Forms
When being referred to a specialist, the NHS requires referral forms (very precise ones!) to be filled out by a GP. Sometimes the need for a specialist is immediate and the doctor most available for the form is a private physician. As long as the GP carries the proper license, the NHS will recognise these forms.

6) Insurance Medicals
Both in the acquisition of insurance and after being injured, insurance medicals are needed. Some types of insurance won’t be issued if there are underlying diseases and medical conditions and when a lawsuit is imminent, the insurance company will almost always require documentation from a GP.

7) Driving Medicals for Professional Drivers
Finally, professional drivers need to have a medical. Taxi drivers are amongst the most common but any public transport driver will need a medical certificate before getting behind the wheel.

So here you have the most common reasons for needing a medical certificate signed by a GP. You can choose to wait for the NHS provider or go to a private GP, the choice is yours. If speed is an issue, you may opt for a private doctor but one thing that is certain: you must have a medical certificate in each of the above areas. That’s a fact.

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