A Dream Board for Inspiration

by Kimberly Hays | December 27th, 2023 | Inspiration, Mind & Body
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In order to change your body, you must first be inspired in your mind. You have to find what inspires you to exercise and keep your body healthy. Pilates and yoga are designed for stretching your body, while easing your mind and the stresses of the day. For more inspiration, you may need to find it helpful to make a dream board to keep you motivated which is great for any type of workout goal.

Find pictures and words in magazines and print pictures online that are inspiring to you. It can be a fit person who you aspire to look like, or a picture of a new piece of equipment that you will buy when you hit a certain goal, or a pair of running shoes you will get when you are able to run a certain goal in miles. With these pictures, make a collage, called a dream board, to hang somewhere that you will see it many times a day. You can also make more than one so you can have one at work, and then perhaps one on the refrigerator, and one on the wall in your living room.

Dream boards are used for goal realization and inspiration. As you meet your goals, mark off the pictures as you go. Also create new dream boards to further inspire you to meet your future goals.

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