Backstroke the Calories Away

by Chang Song | January 20th, 2011 | Cardio

The key to losing weight is obviously exercising and working out. There are many exercises that can help you shed off the extra couple of pounds or many more, but one of more effective ways to lose weight is doing cardio exercise. Cardio exercises include running, cycling, walking, and many more, but one of the most successful cardio workout is swimming.

Cardio workouts are great because they burn more calories than any other activity. Swimming is the most effective cardio workout, especially swimming in a gym, because unlike exercises like running, walking, and bicycling, weather isn’t really a big factor. The special thing about swimming and swimming’s ultimate advantage over all the other exercises is that act of swimming helps to strengthen the overall fitness of your body. People who usually swim have agood fitness level because swimming not only eliminates fat but also help tone your overall body figure.

Swimming is a great cardio workout because it involves all parts of the body. I mean, look at the swimmers — they are in probably the best all-around shape of all athletes out there. They are not big or bulky like football players, but they do look very much in shape. You can see that they all carry well-shaped physiques, unlike drivers from NASCAR — no offense. Sorry, it is Tony Stewart’s fault. Swimming is a great way to lose weight, to get in shape, and also to fine tune your body. You can use many swimming techniques to get the maximum benefit like the free-style, backstroke, and breaststroke. As you start those workouts, your stomach, legs, and arms will all become very well toned due to this water exercise. The act of swimming and the fact that you are going against the pressure of water can help you to lose weight also because it creates metabolism in your body and further stimulates fat burning.

Swimming is a great way to help one lose weight and improve one’s overall physique. Also, as a student from Towson High, the high school of, oh some unknown swimmer, Michael Phelps, I am sure swimming is a great choice for physical activity.

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