Best Clover POS System for Auto Repair Shops

by Editorial Team | December 31st, 2019 | Accessories

It’s time to choose a POS system engineered for your auto
shop. Gear up your merchant account
with the latest Clover POS system to enjoy these and other key advantages.
Whether you’re just starting your repair garage or running a number of
efficient locations, Clover systems offer affordable and professional features
to keep your business growing.

Inventory Management

Most auto repair shops deal with a lot of inventory. If
you’ve ever lost a part or struggled to keep track of a large amount of
inventory, the latest POS system can help. Enjoy comprehensive inventory
tracking that’s linked with your sales system. Once one of your mechanics
installs a component and creates an invoice, the part will automatically be
removed from your inventory management system.

Versatile Payment

There’s nothing worse than ringing up a customer for a
routine oil change or emergency repair only to find out they don’t have a
convenient payment option. When you only accept cash and debit cards, you may
be turning away customers or creating inconvenient situations for other
customers. Your customers will love the additional built-in security of Clover
software, which prevents credit card information from being stolen.

Clover POS software accepts EMV chip cards, contactless payment, mobile payment apps and other innovative payment options. Don’t turn away any customer, but streamline your payment processing system to handle all transactions from a single POS.

Hassle-Free Time Card

If your technicians hit the ground running and providing key
services, they may forget to clock in and out throughout their shift. This
creates inaccurate time cards and payment issues. Other issues arise as you
calculate pay periods.

When you invest in the latest POS
system for auto repair shop
businesses, you can enjoy instant timesheet
reports that accurately track hours worked, including overtime. Your
technicians will also enjoy easy access to clocking in and out, which helps
them accurately report their hours.

POS System Convenience
Where You Need It

Most POS systems are linked with a desktop computer or use a sizable machine to create invoices and handle credit card transactions. A bulky machine can take up significant space in your office and create long lines as you handle routine transactions. A Clover POS system comes in a wide range of sizes to enjoy flexible payment options wherever you need. Give your mechanics CloverFlex devices to easily handle transactions on the shop floor. Your mechanic can discuss performance issues with your customers and create instant invoices that show accurate payment estimates.

Learn More About
Clover Today

If you’re interested in the latest technology for your auto
repair shop, invest in Clover systems today. Discover affordable POS options
when you choose a Clover Station with no contract and no excessive setup fees.
Unlike other POS systems, you don’t need to invest in costly, restrictive
contracts to enjoy a Clover system.

A new
Clover Station
can propel your auto repair shop into the future. Don’t fall
behind with inferior technology, but take advantage of affordable gear and
easy-to-use software to grow your business and keep track of all your timesheets
and inventory in one easy location.

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