Build Strength at the Beach!

by Jessica B. | April 2nd, 2012 | Lower Body, Strength Training

The weather outside is warming up, so if you live near the coast, it is a great time to move your workout to the beach and really start working your calves and hamstrings, not to mention your heels and ankles. Working out on the beach can be revitalizing and inspirational. Try the early morning hours or the end of the day when the weather is a little cooler, and you have a little more space to yourself.

Remember, anything you do in the sand will increase the efficiency of your workout, so don’t expect to do the same number of reps you do in the gym.

1) Warm up with a jog – Run along the beach; try to keep a bit away from the water where the sand is deeper. If you have healthy feet, ditch your shoes. Run a few laps to get your blood pumping.

2) Side lunge jumps – Stand with your feet together. Leap to the side, one leg at a time, so it is more like a lunge. Push off with each leg. Try to move your body at least one yard to the other side. Then jump back again. Repeat these jumps 5-10 times.

3) Skipping – OK, I know, you are rolling your eyes. Are you really going to skip down the beach? Well, do you really want to increase your lower body strength? This is a great way to train a large group of muscles in your legs. If you feel this exercise makes you look less manly, you can always do regular hops and alternate legs, but the skip is faster and just as effective. If you don’t want to be seen, try to find a time when there aren’t a lot of people there.

4) Squat jumps – Squat down until your knees form a right angle, and it is as if you are sitting in a chair. Push your self off the ground and jump as far as you can forward. Then repeat the exercise and jump backwards towards where you began. Repeat 5-10 times.

5) Lunge walk – Start with your feet together. Stretch one leg forward into a lunge and squat down as far as you can on your front leg. Pull your back leg forward as you rise to standing position. Repeat with your opposite leg leading. Repeat so that each leg leads for at least 8-10 lunges.

6) Finish off with a jog along the beach. Remember this is more effort than your regular jog. Take it slow, and focus on good running form.

Over all, the beach is an ideal place to work out since it has great scenery, and it even can be counted as equipment to help you train. You can try a number of different moves you usually do at the gym in the sand and get a feel for the increased difficulty.


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