Core Strength Training on Skates

by Mackenzie M. | January 1st, 2013 | Core, Strength Training

ice skateA few weeks ago, I discussed some of the positive effects that ice skating can have on a cardio workout. The same can be said for ice skating and working on core strength. After ice skating recently, I was astounded at the work out that my core muscles received. Ice skaters are usually incredibly fit, and it is no surprise why. Ice skating not only works the leg muscles, but it also works out the core muscles including abs and glutes. For washboard abs before the spring beach season, be sure to head out to the ice rink this winter.

A quick lap around the ice rink will not work the core muscles, but after 20-25 times around a rink, the abs will start to stretch, as well as the pectoral muscles. This is caused by the frequent and sustained back and forth movement of the arms while skating quickly around the rink. The stance of ice skating allows the body’s core muscles to be worked, but it also provides a strict workout to the glute muscles. Skating several times around the ice rink is comparable to doing many reps of squats. In no time, your back side will be tighter and more muscular.

As mentioned in the previous article, ice skating is a wonderful cardio work out; therefore, ice skating not only burns excess fat from the core region, but it tightens at the same time. Love handles and a paunch can be the hardest places to lose weight and build muscle. Ice skating combines the best aspects of several workouts into one activity. In fact, ice skating trumps skiing as the best winter activity to gain and maintain core muscles.

No core muscle work out routine is successful without repetition. For the optimal benefits, be sure to start the core ice skating work out at the beginning of the winter season. Try to go at least 3-4 times per week for the duration of the winter. It may be even better for motivation to organize a group to go to the ice rink at least once per week. This can encourage races or other games that can make time on the ice even more fun. For those who have athletic talent, try joining an amateur hockey league for the winter. This is sure to build core muscles as well as keep you occupied through the dark and cold days of winter.

For something new that will work to build core muscles, be sure to try an ice skating fitness regimen this winter.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the awesome results.

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