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by Chang Song | April 15th, 2011 | Cardio

Many people stop in the middle of their workout regimen because the same exercises can become tedious and boring. That’s why it is important to have a passionate workout partner or trainer who can get you through these tough times by keeping you motivated.

There also is an easier way. When you don’t have the capital to pay Ray Lewis to become your trainer or motivated friends who can workout with you, you can keep your interest in getting fit and working out by switching to a more fun and creative exercise, like kickboxing.

Kickboxing is a cardio workout that combines boxing, martial arts, and aerobics to produce a tremendous cardiovascular workout. In recent years, the workout has gained worldwide popularity as a way to lose weight and increase physical fitness. It is a challenging workout, however, it is a fun workout to have in your exercise regimen and can be the perfect substitution to anyone’s tedious workouts. That should put the nail in the coffin for people whose excuse is that they don’t workout anymore because workouts are too bland. Additionally, this workout has more benefits than one can imagine.

This workout is popular because it can help people lose weight and regain their fitness prowess. Kickboxing, a high-impact cardio workout, can burn 500-600 calories in an hourly session. Plus, the martial-arts like workout is the most complete workout one can ask for. With this exercise, you utilize everything from the core muscle groups to the small muscle groups. You better believe no muscle will be left untested when you are done.

There are many more benefits for anyone who picks up kickboxing as their exercise. Kickboxing will benefit your heart. It can help control blood pressure in the long run and helps maintain a good heart rate. Also, it can make your coordination better, as kicks, punches, and complete body movements improve hand-eye coordination. Kickboxing can also help with posture and flexibility.

Kickboxing also is truly a great workout as it can relieve one’s stress level. This workout provides benefits far beyond just helping one with a beach body.

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