Different Styles of Yoga

by Bea | September 17th, 2009 | Yoga

Most of us could tell you how Yoga can do wonders for your body. Whether it be a way to increase your flexibility, a method of relaxation, a meditation, a strength builder, or something else, there is something for everyone. Many of us know that there are different styles of yoga. We refer to them as “hot yoga” or “meditative yoga”, but there are so many different types of yoga–all with names that are not simply “hot yoga.”

Here are some examples of the different styles of Yoga. Maybe one of them will interest you?

The one that most people think of off the top of their heads is indeed Hot Yoga, or Bikram Yoga. In Bikram Yoga, one typically practices the same 26 poses in a 100-110 degree room. The purpose of this type of yoga is to loosen the tight muscles and to cause one’s self to sweat profusely. And when I say profusely, I mean profusely! Bikram Yoga is thought to be cleansing, but it definitely strengthens your muscles and increases your flexibility.

Ashtanga and Power Yoga are fast-paced and intense styles of yoga. Ashtanga practice is physically demanding because of the constant movement from one pose to the next. Power Yoga has been derived from Ashtanga, but in Power Yoga it is not necessary to do the same poses in the same order every single class.

Vinyasa, which means breath synchronized movement, is based on the series of poses called Sun Salutation. In the Sun Salutation poses movement is matched to the breath. After the Sun Salutations the class progresses into more intense stretches.

B.K.S Iyengar’s teachings are the bases of the yoga style known as Iyengar. This style of practice is most concerned with bodily alignment. In this yoga the body must be positioned correctly in each pose in order to avoid injuries and to make the most of the pose. Iyengar practice encourages the use of props, such as yoga mats and blocks, to help keep the body in alignment.

There are many more styles of yoga– these were just a short list to get you started!  Happy searching.

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