Energize Your Workouts with Podcasts

by Editorial Team | March 9th, 2008 | Exercises

When the iPod Shuffle dropped in price a few weeks ago, I knew I had to have one. I also knew exactly what I was going to fill it up with : workout podcasts.

Beside being free, podcasts have the nice feeling of freshness that a lot of workout mixes lack. I often get distracted from my workout when I hear “that song” again; I just need to switch it before I can focus. The beauty of podcasts is you always have a new one, and don’t need to worry about becoming bored with the same old playlist.

Dance or electronica is usually the best choice for a high-intensity workout. With the Beats Per Minute up in the 130-160 range, you’ll be moving quickly the whole way through. I’ve been able to find many great, extended-mix workout tracks through podcast sources, like iTunes or PodCast.net.

If you’re into running or intense aerobics, you should look for PodRunner on iTunes. Each mix is roughly an hour long and is created for varying intensity levels based on BPM. PodRunner’s DJ Steve recently released PodIntervals, another set of mixes designed for aerobic interval training. If you want to work out to some high-spirited songs, look to Radio 538’s Tiesto podcast. With an hour to an hour and a half of high energy, low intensity house music, it will keep you smiling while you move.

Whatever podcast you pick for the gym, listen to an episode or two at home before you bring it with you. Is it something you can listen to for an hour? Will it keep you excited and help you get in your best workout? If it doesn’t make you want to get up and jump around at home, don’t take it to the gym. After all, it doesn’t matter if it’s dance, R&B or classical, as long as it will keep you motivated and moving.

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