Exercise Late in Pregnancy

by Dean Heller MD | February 4th, 2015 | Fitness Expert, Medical

medical exercise expertQ:  I don’t exercise too much and I have gained 70 pounds during my current pregnancy.  At this point, I figure I am just a house and will get back into shape later, but I recently heard that it is good for the baby to exercise, is that true?

A:  First of all, there are many benefits for you.  Not only may you prevent becoming a diabetic during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, but you will also feel more healthy, have less pain, and make for a better labor and delivery if you start to exercise now.  It is also true that women who exercise during their 3rd trimester have babies that are born with lower body fat, making them healthier babies.  So no reason for you to wait, start your exercise program now.  Don’t over exercise, and make sure you don’t have any symptoms, but exercise does have significant benefits.

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