Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles

by Jason Brennan | February 19th, 2014 | Fitness Expert

weights (400x400)The love handles are a target area for most of us; we do crunches and side bends in hopes that the abs will start to peek out. Trying to focus on reducing body fat in one particular area is called spot reducing and is very hard to do.

The best plan for reducing body fat from anywhere is to implement a complete program including cardio, resistance training, and nutrition.

The best cardio exercises are the ones that burn the most calories. Here are a few ways to keep burning maximum calories during your cardio workouts.

1. Work hard. Way too often I see people doing cardio and not sweating. You should challenge yourself every workout by upping the level, time, or pace regularly. Try setting a workout goal before you start, and you’ll find yourself pushing it a little harder than usual.

2. Muscle confusion. The more your body does something the easier it gets, and the fewer calories you burn. Change your workout regularly and your body will change regularly.

Here are some of the exercises that target the oblique’s (love handles): Air bikes, side crunches, trunk twist, and side plank. Remember to use control and breathe. It’s not a race, and the slower you go the better. Although these exercises do target the oblique’s, doing squats, lunges, pushups, rows, etc. will surely improve your waist line.

Without proper nutrition your abs will stay hidden. You must have some kind of nutrition plan which will safely put you at a calorie deficit while keeping you nourished. Diet is the hard part it’s something you have to think about all day every day, and by far is the biggest factor when getting lean.

Doing area specific exercises is good but don’t forget about the rest of the plan.

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