Exercising at home: Top 7 Exercises You Can Do at Home

by Editorial Team | December 2nd, 2018 | Cardio

We don’t have to tell you that regular physical exercise is mandatory, for anyone who values their physical and mental well-being. What we do want to put across today is how you can effectively stay in shape by adopting a good workout routine; and if you think this necessarily means joining a fitness club, think again!

As long as you’re self-motivated and consistent, you can achieve amazing results regardless of where you exercise. With that in mind, here’s our updated list of the very best exercises you can do at home:


Push-ups are among the most popular at-home exercises, and there is a good reason why: they work! Provided you perform your push-ups correctly, you will find it steadily improves your upper body strength within a few weeks. The key to succeeding with this exercise is to keep pushing your boundaries as you progress, by increasing the number of repetitions and sets.

Side Plank

If you can afford to buy proper exercise equipment for a home gym, that’s more power to you – and it will definitely add to your enjoyment and improve your results. But you shouldn’t use the lack of equipment as an excuse to be idle… now when you can achieve notable progress with such a simple exercise as the side plank. Try to alternate this exercise with push-ups to achieve the best results!

Downward-facing Dog

This is a common yoga posture that is now increasingly adopted by all kinds of fitness enthusiasts since it’s easy to perform and it will do wonders for your posture and back health. The downward-facing dog is best described as an inverted V posture, and you can learn how to adequately perform this move and some of its variations within minutes.

Forward Lunge

The forward lunge is one of the best and simplest stretch-based exercises you can perform, and provided you do it right… you will feel the burn. The key to succeeding with these types of exercises is to focus on your breathing and take it slow – aim for lunge quality rather than quantity.

Glute Activation Lunges

When you become proficient in doing the forward lunge, you can try to add some glute activation lunges to the mix, since both these exercises complement each other just right. This exercise isbest described as a sideways lunge where you lift each left alternatively and aim to keep your gluts tense as you do so – think of the move sumo wrestlers perform before starting a fight.

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are an amazing exercise because they combine aerobics and anaerobic in a single, fluid movement. You can rely on this move to simultaneously tone your lower body while improving your cardiovascular function, and you really feel the effects if you chain up several sets together. Aim for doing sets of 10 and put all your heart into each set by tensing your legs to the maximum spring tension, then jumping as high as you can.

Supine Pelvic Tilts

Here’s another great exercise for improving your posture and relieving lower back pain by strengthening your pelvic muscles. To perform the supine pelvic tilt, just lay flat on your back with knees bet and feet planted on the ground, then raise your pelvis as far up as you can without moving your feet or elbows.

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