Fitness in College

by Louise | August 17th, 2009 | Exercise Equipment, Strength Training

college fitnessCollege requires much time management to get everything done. It is a major balancing act for everyone. There’s work, social life, leisure time, and fitness. While it may be tempting to give fitness the short end of the stick, fitness is perhaps one of the most essential aspects of college life (and it is not just to fight off that college fifteen).

Exercise improves digestion, promotes healthier skin, improves weigh control, increases your energy, and increases self-confidence. Active students are less likely to suffer from depression. Exercise can provide stress relief and a form of release for one’s day to day problems. There are many different ways to get involved in exercise in college:

  • Varsity sports: Each college is either considered Division I, II, or III. Athletes are often recruited and offered scholarships to play at the Division I level, while for Division III, no scholarships are offered but both function much like high school teams, in which they compete against other schools in their respective divisions. Being a part of a varsity team is the most demanding commitment to an athletic activity in college.
  • Club Sports: Club teams also play against other colleges, but they are not sanctioned by the NCAA like the Varsity Divisions. Students will not receive scholarships to play at the Club level, but Club sports are still moderately demanding.
  • Intramural Sports: Many colleges organize teams within a single college to play against each. These are intramural sports, and they not as demanding as Varsity-level athletics and are often for simple recreation.
  • Classes: Many colleges offer various classes, such as yoga or dance (often for free), of which a student easily can take advantage.
  • Access to Facilities: Most colleges have accessible weight rooms, fitness centers, pools, or courts available for student use. Go ahead and use them!

At most colleges, the majority of these options are available for a wide variety of activities from aikido to Quidditch, yes, Quidditch, and it is up to the student to choose just how much competitiveness or commitment he or she wants.

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