Fitness One Day at a Time

by Joe Lawrence | October 8th, 2009 | Cardio, Exercises, Strength Training

weightsWe need variety in our fitness regimes.  Stagnant waters grow algae.  Bored pets tear up the house.  I can’t afford to have mold or mischief in my muscles.  Variety is the antidote to stagnation and variety.

I always have tackled my conditioning plans to mirror that of other sports.  I did the cardio of boxers, speed of corner backs, endurance of a triathlete and so forth.  My plans change at least once every six months.  Why not daily?

Rick Bawsel provides daily workouts to supplement the active person or to use for those with little time.  Every day he offers a workout via Twitter.  There are cardio workouts, stair climberpushup/situp routines or even ones using free weights.  I find them all to be challenging and a nice supplement to what I am already doing that day.

For example, today’s cardio regime was to run a 5K or run 10 minutes walk 5 and repeat for 3 sets.  Another day featured free weights.  Challenging me to deadlift my bodyweight, benchpress my bodyweight and a spattering of other exercises to stimulate my muscles.

This concept of variety forces your muscles to work harder.  When you do the same workout every day, your muscles become bored.  There are actually certain muscles that you would never develop.  I remember being a very athletic youth who could sprint all day and jump pretty high and far.  I constantly worked my running and jumping muscles to stay competitive.  Then I began martial arts.  After a month I discovered there were muscles in my legs that I never even knew about.

Years later I noticed I was plateauing in my martial arts conditioning.  I then began to look for new areas to focus on and challenged my body with workouts from differing sports.  This was a great thing for me and catapulted me past a couple of the dead spots.

Rick’s daily plan is a great tool to help you work past your plateaus.  Connect with him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/chews4fitness.  As always, feel free to follow me at www.twitter.com/joeylaw or you can get a variety in your reading by following www.twitter.com/WasabiMedia.

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