Getting Children Fit!

by B Kenney | October 28th, 2008 | Biking, Cardio, Family Fitness

One of the hardest things for any child or teenager to overcome is the humility in attempting and failing an activity in front of friends and peers. Intensive studies have shown that the two greatest things keeping kids from exercising are the television and the lack of knowledge about sports and physical activities.

As time goes on and technology becomes more and more a part of our society, younger generations begin to rely more on electronics and computers for entertainment. Some of those younger children even choose to remain indoors every day as opposed to playing outside. Part of that is simply due to the fact that the children are never pushed enough to learn certain activities.

Often in the studies, it was found that a large number of children don’t know how to play a part in physical activities, such as throwing a football correctly or kicking a soccer ball. The thought of participating in an activity they have no knowledge or skill in is very intimidating for both children and teenagers. As adults we must play a large role in our children’s lives, and part of that role is making sure they stay healthy and fit. Children generally pick up a lot of habits from their parents. So the first place to start is with yourself.

A great place to begin for the whole family is to go outdoors and play family sports or participate in physical activities. If you go outside with the children and throw a baseball or teach them how to shoot a basketball, chances are next time their friends ask them to play they will go out and enjoy the great outdoors instead of basking in front of an electronic device all day. Often you will even find that the children want to go outside themselves and practice for the next time your family plays some sports.

Having a very proactive and physical attitude will affect your children, so make sure you keep yourself off that couch even when you are ready to relax for the day. Trips to the beach, bike rides, or walks could play a great role in keeping your children away from the electronics. Just remember to stay physical!

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