Getting into the Cycle of Things

by Chang Song | June 9th, 2011 | Biking, Exercises

In almost all sports, the participants are sure to get plenty of healthy benefits from participation; however, cycling is one of the more beneficial sports out there. In fact, cycling is one of the best forms of exercise according to many fitness experts.

Although cycling is a sport of vast benefits, very few people take advantage of it. The popularity of cycling is marginal, especially in the United States. Even though American cyclists like Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis have made it big in the biggest cycling events in the world, cycling isn’t a sport that’s discussed around the water cooler on a Monday morning. I mean, if the world’s most popular sport, soccer, couldn’t make it big here, cycling stands little chance of becoming popular.

Even though cycling isn’t as popular as it should be, this sport can be an inexpensive tool for the fitness conscious to help keep their bodies fit. In addition, the sport can minimize stress.

The sport of cycling offers numerous benefits. First, it can give the body a fast and energetic workout. There is a definite shaping, toning, and firming of the thighs, the calf muscles, and the pelvis region. Some studies suggest that cycling is one of the few exercises that can help reduce cellulite from the thigh area. Additionally, there is relatively less stress on the knees and ankles while cycling as compared to other activities, like running and aerobic exercises. Also, cycling reduces the chances of heart diseases, and it also increases the body’s protection against various forms of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Plus, cycling improves circulation. This is because it facilitates blood circulation throughout the body, which carries oxygen-rich blood to all the muscles. The heavy breathing experienced after a few minutes of cycling increases the intake of oxygen, making it an effective aerobic exercise. Cycling can also be used as a stress-buster activity. A long, leisurely cycle ride along the coast can definitely help reduce stress levels.

Thus, while cycling is often overlooked, consider trying this sport for the fitness benefits it offers.

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