GRRR-Rizzly Bear

by Joe Lawrence | March 18th, 2010 | Cardio, Exercises

Imagine coming across a grizzly bear in the wild.  How would that make you feel?  Scared?  Recently, I encountered a grizzly bear but not the actual animal.  I have encountered a fitness routine nicknamed the grizzly bear, and it, too, is scary.

This is a workout consisting of numerous calisthenic exercise done in 20 second intervals and working every muscle group.  You can do this exercise anywhere and get a great isometric strength/cardio workout all at the same time.  The program is broken up into upper body, abs and lower body exercises.  You do three sets of the program.

All three sets are basically identical.  I am going to name the exercises in order and on a couple give some more info on how to do them.  Remember, only 20 seconds of each and then move to the next.

Set 1: (Upper body) Jumping jacks; push-ups; jumping jacks; diamond push-ups; jumping jacks; burpees; jumping jacks; (Abs) straight-arm planks; jumping jacks; alternating straight-arm planks; jumping jacks; right-side crunches; left-side crunches; (Legs) fast feet; lunge jumps; fast feet; 180 degree squat jumps; fast feet; stationary squat jumps…Start set #2.

Burpees – from standing position, drop to push-up position, drive knees to chest, stand up.  You can add a jump-up or full push-up for more of a challenge.

Straight-arm planks – go to push-up position and hold body in perfect straight line, like a plank.

Alternating straight-arm planks – do the same thing as straight-arm planks.  However, this time you are going to raise your left arm to the sky and then go back to starting position.  Do the same thing with the right arm.

Right-Left-side crunches – get into crunch position and touch left elbow to the right knee and then alternate.

Fast feet – put feet shoulder width apart and pretend you are on very hot pavement raising each fully off the ground and putting it back as fast as you can.

Squat jumps – put feet wider than shoulder width and lower your butt till quads are almost parallel to ground, jump straight up and start over.

180 squat jumps – the same as above, but rotate 180 degrees in the air.

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