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by Bea | April 2nd, 2013 | Diet Strategy, Workout Fuel

guIf you have ever been to a race or a competition, you have probably seen athletics slurping a small packet of Gu Energy gel right before the race or during the race itself; however, are these gel packs necessary? For certain types of athletes, the composition of the Gu Energy gels is exactly what their body needs and can process. For others, they are unnecessary and would require the body to process something that it does not need to.

What exactly is this Gu stuff? It comes in a small pack, about 32 grams or 1.1 oz, that can be opened for consumption. All you have to do is squeeze it into your mouth, then drink a little bit of water to wash it down! What is in it? It is basically a mix of simple and complex carbohydrates as well as antioxidants. Having both of these types of carbohydrates helps your body process the Gu so that it can be effective at various points in time.  The contents give you an energy boost, a 100% dose of vitamin A and E, and more. Some of the flavors, such as Lemon Sublime and Strawberry Banana, are caffeine free, while Espresso Love and Jet Blackberry have 40 mg of caffeine in them. On the other hand, flavors like Chocolate Outrage, Vanilla Bean, Tri Berry, and Orange Burst have 20 mg of caffeine in them, and Mint Chocolate has 4 mg of caffeine.

Gu is supposed to be most effective when taken on an empty stomach. This is ideal for those people who cannot eat solid foods close to working out. Gu will offer the ability for people to get energy and carbohydrates without overloading the body with solid foods.

Gu packets are about 100 calories each. That does not mean that you should been taking one every time that you burn 100 calories! You should not have more than one packet of Gu every 30-45 minutes, depending on the speed of your metabolism. You can take Gu while you are working out, but you can also take it as a recovery formula as well. Once you have stopped exercising, your body can better handle the calories and will use them to restore muscle glycogen.

Overall, Gu can be a great pick me up and workout fuel source when you are looking for a liquid food option.

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