How to Exercise Without Really Trying

by Angela Yorke | June 27th, 2011 | Exercises, Mind & Body

Exercise is important, yet it’s one of those things that keeps getting pushed down the to-do list to the point where even the baggiest jeans somehow become skinny-fitting jeans. Setting aside 30-60 minutes a day just to exercise can seem burdensome when you consider the amount of time we spend commuting to and from work in a single day.

Of course, there’s no rule stating that you must exercise in only one session, so why not work in a few bouts throughout the day instead? You won’t feel as pressed to exercise “properly,” and you’ll reap the benefits of being active.

No time to go to the gym on weekdays? No problem, just take the stairs. The step machine has been lauded for its beneficial effects on the lower body, particularly when it comes to toning and firming the gluteal muscles. You wouldn’t have to jostle at the gym to use it if you chose the stairs over the elevator at work or when you go to the mall.

There’s no need to balk if you work on the twentieth floor either – take the elevator up to floor number 17 or 18 (or 19 if this is your first time) and walk up the rest of the way. It adds at least 10 minutes of cardiovascular activity, and you’ll probably do it more than once daily.

Another suggestion is to park further away. Unless it’s pouring down with rain,or you’re really late for a meeting, there isn’t any reason to park right in front of the store/restaurant/office.

Just park down the block from your destination; you’ll have to take an 8-10 minute stroll to the entrance. A return trip would mean that you’ve worked in 16-20 minutes worth of exercise into your day! This makes even more sense when you compare it to the time and fuel you’d have spent circling the block looking for the perfect parking space, just like everyone else.

We’ve all had those weekends where the only thing that seemed worth doing was vegging out in front of the TV. Well, TV channels seem to devote more airtime to commercials than to the program nowadays, so why not exercise while waiting for the show to resume instead of raiding the fridge? Keep an exercise ball around, dust off those dumbbells you keep meaning to use, and do a few pushups while you’re at it.

Combined with a sensible eating plan (there really is no escaping this), and hopefully, a weekend exercise routine, it means you won’t have to suck your tummy in the next time you try on new clothes.

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