I Got the Music in Me

by Joan Jacobsen | May 23rd, 2012 | Fitness Expert, Mind & Body

“Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.” William Congreve 1697 - The Mourning Bride

When I am preparing for one of my races, I choose music as my pre-jitter cure all. Before I even head to the starting line, I am enjoying some rhythm and blues to get my juices flowing. One thing about listening to the blues, I always imagine that the singers’ heartbreak and pain is one hundred times worse than the contest I am about to engage in (it softens the blow I am about to endure). During the race, my choice is good old rock ‘n roll, as it keeps me motivated and makes the 3.1-mile run seem like a fleeting memory.

I was doing some research on the benefits of listening to music while exercising, and I found no conclusive studies that either helped or hindered the practice. Much of the analyzing showed that the brain does function better while listening to music, but different types of music where chosen in the various comparisons with a handful of active people or participants (no large numbers). I was all over the place looking for one concrete project, and I could not find it; therefore, this article is my own personal opinion, and I write what entertaining my ears and mind does for me.

At one of my contests, I left my home without my iPod and thought I would not be able to compete (I actually panicked); however, I was too far from home and would not able to retrieve it and return on time to hear the starting pistol. That day I ran without successfully listening to my Beatles loud and clear on my headphones. I became disoriented at first, because I keep pace with my tunes, and I know that a certain song means I am at mile one, two, or three. I persevered and completed the race, although it was not one of my best times. This outcome proved to me that I do indeed need music in my routine whether training or competing to enhance my performance.

In essence, whether you favor classical, jazz, hip-hop, or pop, and it keeps you motivated or benefits you in any way, I say go for it. Perhaps challenge yourself with your music, maybe yesterday you walked listening to three tunes, try four the next time and hasten your pace. There are many ways you can get personal with your choices, make it your own, and you will profit from your actions! “And now for your listening pleasure…”

  1. lois says:

    I think music is a great motivator!

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