It is Never Too Late for Fitness

by Joe Lawrence | January 11th, 2023 | Strength Training

woman jogging (400x400)The expression, “too little, too late” is applicable to many situations in life, just not for fitness. When it comes to fitness, forward motion of any kind is never too little. 2015 marks a new year and a great starting point to make this true.

The biggest mistake made in fitness is trying to do too much, too soon. Our bodies are amazing machines that actually become more efficient the more we use them. For example, when you work out routinely, your body burns more calories during a workout than a person who just began.

Instead of setting some trivial goals like losing an inch off the waistline, losing 10 pounds, etc.; set the goal of forward motion. Make 2015 the year you started some new healthy habits. I am going to make this year the year I got back to the basics. I have always preached about the benefits of push-ups and the hundreds of variations of push-ups that are out there for us all to do, but I have strayed away from my roots. This year I am going to start with three variations of push-ups and do them three days a week.

Cardio is the easiest area for us all to improve. If we push ourselves just a bit harder, it makes a big difference. For example: the next time you go for a walk, push the pace a little harder than before. Your body will respond to this and adapt to the new pace very quickly.

Find a simple 15-minute workout routine that you can do each day. I would suggest doing a core workout three days a week and a full body workout two days a week. Then do cardio as often as you can work it into your schedule. If you do this for a month, you will see something amazing. Eventually, fitness will become routine. You will start to look for more exercise opportunities and take advantage of them.

I see it all the time at work. People are pushed to run for fitness tests and then develop a routine. The next thing you know, they are training for a half marathon. It is always those you least expect and all because they took the first step and made an effort to create a new routine.

It is never too late for fitness…never.

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