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by Kimberly Hays | February 21st, 2024 | Diet Strategy, Superfoods
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Sometimes it is difficult to get children to eat some superfoods like broccoli and greens, but, of course, you want them to have foods high in antioxidants and other nutrients for optimum health. There are some superfoods, however, that you can sneak into meals and snacks that they will love and not even know they are eating healthy. The following list will help you make certain that your kids, and you, get the powerful benefits of superfoods.

Raisins – Toss raisins in everything from breakfast cereals and oatmeal, to yogurt, rice, and salads. Get creative and try them in everything! Even adding some raisins to top cooked vegetables like kale or cooked carrots tastes really great! They are high in iron and copper, and can also help in regulating blood sugar levels.

Chia Seeds – Everyone has heard the well-deserved hype of chia seeds by now. They are full of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and are also a great source of fiber. Because they really don’t have much flavor, you can add them to most anything! They also help to keep you feeling full between meals.

Maca – Maca tastes so good, and the kids will love its sweet flavor. It comes in a powder form and can be used in anything that you want to give a sweet dessert flavor like yogurt, smoothies, or tea. Maca stimulates the glands in the body which gives a boost of energy aside from better gland function. It also contains amino acids, protein and fiber.

Hemp Seeds – Hemp seeds are a complete source of protein which is great to have on hand for those who are picky eaters when it comes to meat. Toss them in vegetable dishes, salads, or roast them for a crunchy snack.

Peanut Butter Powder – I know, most kids love peanut butter, but it’s so full of oil! Instead, opt for peanut butter powder so you will still get all of the flavor without the added fat and sugar. Add it so smoothies, milk, granola, yogurt, or sprinkle on fruit. You will cut the fat by more than half.

Flaxseed – With tons of fiber and omega-3’s, flaxseed’s nutty flavor is great to sprinkle on anything from breakfast dishes, to main dishes, to desserts. It helps reduce high cholesterol as well as reduces inflammation.

Bee Pollen – Containing over 96 nutrients, bee pollen is also super tasty and allows you to have sweet treats without added sugar. It is said to lower cholesterol, help with allergies, increase energy levels, and research is being conducted on its benefits on it helping fight off cancer. Add it to anything that you like with a sweet flavor like yogurt shakes or oatmeal.

Nutritional Yeast – I have only recently discovered how wonderful nutritional yeast is, and if you love cheese you are going to love it! Packed full of protein, folic acid, and B12 vitamins, a sprinkle on any food, especially popcorn and vegetables, is so healthy and delicious the kids will love it!

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