Lower Body Strength Training while Jumping Rope

by Jessica B. | September 19th, 2013 | Lower Body, Strength Training

jumpropeIf you are looking to develop your lower body strength, jumping rope is a great way to help build and tone leg muscle and improve your cardiovascular health. Here are some tips to get you jumping your way to toner legs.

1) Fast reps – This is a typical move of boxers, and a great way to build lower body strength. Set your timer for two minutes and jump rope as many times as possible during these two minutes. If you trip, keep jumping. Rest for one minute, and then repeat.

2) Slow reps – May not seem quite as obvious as fast reps, but can also build muscles well. Set your time for five minutes and count slowly as you turn your jump rope. Make sure you count 5 seconds between each jump. Try to keep jumping for five to ten minutes until you cannot keep going.

3) Zig-zag jumps – Lay your jump rope down on the floor in a straight line. Stand on the left side of the rope and hop over it sideways until you are standing on the right side. Zig-zag jump your way down the length of the jump rope and then turn around and jump back. Repeat this five to ten times, until you are feeling fatigued.

4) High jumps – Lay your jump rope about one foot off of the ground and hop over the rope forward, turn around and then jump back again. Complete as many jumps as you can in two minutes, and then repeat.

5) Forward/backward jumps – Jump 3 forward slow jumps and then switch directions and have the rope come from behind and jump 3 backward jumps. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

6) Double dutch – Work with two friends and give double dutch jump roping a try. This does not just demand good timing, you need to be in shape and keep an eye on how quickly the rope is turning. Start out with a slow tempo and build up speed.

7) Jumping jack jump – Scissor your legs open and closed with every jump. One jump puts your feet shoulder width apart, and then the next jump bring them together again.

8) Squat jump – lower down into a squat so that you are almost sitting in a chair. Turn the jump rope slowly and then jump straight up over the rope. Lower again to a squat position and repeat. Continue these jumps for two minutes.

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