My Grandma Can Kick Your Butt!

by Joe Lawrence | January 20th, 2009 | Eating Tips, Exercises, Family Fitness

grandmaAccording to my dad, my grandparents walked uphill, both ways, through twelve feet of snow, with only one pant leg and no shoes.  This was only their journey to school each day.  No wonder they were also able to inhale a pound of bacon and never worry about calories.

I am certain my sweet grandmother never chased Native Americans from her land with a rifle.  I do believe older generations needed to work harder to get anything done.  They washed clothes in a washtub and scrubbed each article by hand.  Lawnmowers weren’t motorized.  My dad remembers shoveling snow from the street because there were no plows.

This probably explains why they never had to watch their caloric intake and obesity was not a major issue.  Just to make it each day burned thousands of calories without even climbing onto the elliptical.  Today with all of our fancy appliances and running water, we expend less energy to get by.

First off, I will cover the obvious stuff we have heard before, and then I will cover something which may be new to you.  Park farther away from the store.  Take the stairs each afternoon instead of the elevator.  Walk your dog once a day instead of letting him run loose in the fence.

All of those things are obvious ways to burn more calories, and you are going to  ignore each of them completely the first time you are running late.  It will start to become effort, and you will cave in to the inner peer pressure.

Here is a sure fire way to burn some extra calories without much of a commitment.  Pick an exercise you are good at because we like to do things are good at.  Then say you will do this exercise every time you do something common throughout your day.  For example, every time you get up from the couch, you do ten push-ups.  Get a chin-up bar for the bedroom, and do five each time you enter.

Adding small things like this will burn more energy.  Imagine your story…”I used to do five pullups just to get into bed!”

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