Osteoporosis and Exercise

by Dean Heller MD | October 1st, 2014 | Fitness Expert, Medical

resistance bandQ:  My mother has significant osteoporosis, and she also has arthritis that causes her pain in many joints.  I think that exercise will help her to get stronger and build up her muscles and strength, and allow her to be in better shape. I am a certified trainer.   I understand she has limitations due to the arthritis, but I have put together a program of core exercises that she should do well with.  What are your thoughts; I need some support to get her to do these exercises.

A:  First of all, let us say that she is lucky to have such a caring child.  You are totally correct about this.  If she does exercises that improve her core muscle strength, this can also help your mother’s bone density.  We recommend some form of resistance training for the core muscles.  Here is a great video with exercises using a resistance band, which might be good for her because the bands make for smooth movements, which will cause less pain in patients with arthritis.

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