Pool Exercises: Core

by Mackenzie M. | April 24th, 2012 | Core, Strength Training

During the summer months there is no better place to work out your core than in a pool or some other refreshing body of water. Did you know that aquatic exercises actually burn fat faster than core exercises out of the water? Exercising in the water can actually ease pain from diseases like arthritis and fibromyalgia as well. The water provides the perfect amount of resistance while strengthening muscles and boosting cardio intensity. For a great core workout this season, hop in the water. Below are five exercises to work out your core in the water.

The Spiderman. To do the Spiderman, stand in the water at the side of the pool facing the wall and stabilize your upper body. Then in one swift move sweep your hands back and forth while running up the side of the pool wall and then back down to the floor. Depending on your physical strength, it is best to start by doing these in series of four. Alternate each leg that starts each time you start a new rep. This exercise helps build core muscles by climbing up walls just like Spiderman.

The Pool Plank. Planking is a well-known and widely practiced core strength training exercise on land; however, it can be a challenge for those without an already strong upper body and core to complete the exercise successfully. In the pool, it is far easier to plank, as the water helps you float. Planking in the water also adds a gentle amount of resistance that actually makes planking in the water far more beneficial. To plank in the water, simply stand on the pool floor and hold a noodle (a long cylindrical piece of foam), vertically in both hands. Then simply press the noodle straight down and lean forward until your body is level, keeping your head out of the water. Try to keep this position for two minutes. This exercise does phenomenal things to your core.

The Chaos Cardio. This exercise is basically jogging underwater. It helps to stabilize all of the core muscles. Simply run in a zigzag pattern from one end of the pool to the other, and then run in a straight line through all of the underwater currents you just created with the zigzag. This exercise is quite intensive, and it should be alternated with another exercise for the healthiest results. Running through the currents created make resistance for the quick jog through them. This helps build core strength and cardio stamina.

The Core Ball Static “Challenge.” This exercise may look simple, but it intensely strengthens core muscles, and it also strengthens arms and legs. It is known as being four exercises mixed into one intense “challenge.” In the pool, stand in a lunge position with your right leg bent and your left leg on the floor extended behind you. Hold a six-inch diameter ball with both hands directly in front of you. Hold this position for 30 seconds while using your core strength to keep you up. Then switch legs.

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