Spirulina: Know This Superfood

by Kimberly Hays | May 7th, 2013 | Diet Strategy, Superfoods

spSpirulina is a microalgae. It is one of the oldest living organisms that has helped create oxygen for billions of years. It is even responsible for helping other organisms and life forms to appear. It is also so nutrient rich that you could actually live on it, along with water, alone. It is blue  green algae that grow in warm water, including fresh water, salt water, and natural springs. The stems grow long with spiral like leaves which gives it its name.

When spirulina is harvested, it is ground into a paste or dried and turned into a powder. Many people add it to smoothies or use it as an additive to yogurt or oatmeal, but most people find that it has an odd acquired taste, so they opt to take it as a supplement in capsule form. It is well worth incorporating it in your diet when you realize the health benefits of this ancient superfood.

Radiation Therapy – Spirulina was used as a treatment after the Chernobyl disaster. It is said to be one of the top foods to go to for protection from the terrible effects of radiation. It can protect your organs and will help to detoxify the body of radiation.

High in B12 – It is also the highest source available for B12, which is vital for healthy tissue and nerves. Vegetarians and vegans often lack in vitamin B12, and spirulina is a great choice for making sure that enough of this essential, all natural vitamin in included in their diet.

Other Vitamins – Spirulina is chock full of vitamins that sustain good health. It has almost four times the requirements of vitamin A, B complex vitamins, vitamin D, which most American’s are deficient of, as well as vitamin K, which strengthens bones and keeps the heart healthy.

Protein – This superfood is used by professional athletes to increase immunity and stamina because of the high protein matter in spirulina. This protein helps to increase muscle mass and to curb hunger while training hard. Because of these attributes, it also helps athletes to maintain their target weight.

Spirulina is commercially grown because of the chance of naturally grown spirulina having been contaminated. There are health tonics, tablets, or the powder form available. All have the same effects. It is all in how you prefer to take it. The regimen is simple when taking spirulina. Take 500 mg per day, four times per day, no matter you preference of tonic, powder, or tablet.

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