Stay Healthy at The Beach

by Sam P. | May 27th, 2015 | Fitness Expert, Teen

girl on beach (400x400)The weather is getting warmer, which means staying fit is even easier now.  Of course you can do normal things, like running outside and whatnot, but there are even better ways to take advantage of the weather.  One of my favorite places to be is the beach.  And with the beach comes sand.  When you are just walking it does not seem difficult, but sand actually helps tons to tone your muscles.

The next time you go to the beach with a friend or two take a few laps.  After the first one you won’t feel it, but by your second or third your legs may be a bit sore.  The unevenness of the sand makes your legs work harder to keep you balanced, giving you an even better workout.  The length of your beach will effect for many laps you want to take, but aim for walking for an hour or so.  I have walked for as few as thirty minutes and felt it, and as long as three hours and not felt a thing.  It will all depend on how in shape you are and who you’re with.  If you are very in shape, but your friends aren’t, you will walk for less than you on your own could.

Two to three miles is the optimal length to walk.  Less than a mile won’t do anything, and over three miles will take too long.  If you don’t know how long your beach is download an app on your phone to track how far you travel or how many steps you take.  There are plenty of free apps out there that do this.

If you are staying at the beach on vacation and simply walking is not enough for you, get up in the morning and go for a run.  On the beach.  If you have ever tried running on the beach while you were there you should know this is a difficult task.  Just like when you walk your muscles have to work harder to keep you balanced, except they have to work several times harder to keep your balance while you run.  If you decide to do this, be sure to get up early enough that the sun won’t be beating down on you and roasting you alive.  Try to avoid running long distances outside in direct sunlight if it is above 80 degrees, 85 tops.  It is incredibly easy to become dehydrated when it is that hot, especially when you are exerting yourself.  If you do have to run while it is that hot be sure to hydrate yourself well.

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