Staying Active While on Holiday

by Angela Yorke | August 20th, 2012 | Exercises

Everyone looks forward to holidays. Indeed, if asked what they intend to do during their holiday other than a planned getaway with friends or family, most working adults are likely to say “nothing.”

While eschewing your routine altogether during a holiday, fitness activities included, is a very tempting prospect, you stand to lose up to 10% of aerobic fitness over 3 weeks of inactivity (although 1 week is unlikely to cause a discernible difference), and practically all fitness after 2 months of sloth. Personally, I can’t imagine not doing anything for 2 months, but every person is different.

If you recognize the importance of maintaining physical fitness during your holiday, but have trouble staying consistent about it, try starting each day with a workout in the morning. The days you spend on vacation are likely to be packed with excursions and activities that might preclude the possibility of exercising in the evening. Thus, making exercise the first priority of the day ensures that you won’t have to fret about making time for it later.

At the same time, the temptation to sleep in and/or just not workout can be irresistible, and understandably so, especially if you’re on a cruise. Even then, though, you can work in exercise during the day to keep yourself relatively fit.

We all know the adage about exercising briskly for at least 30 minutes a day, but we may not have the total 30 minutes to spare in a day packed with holiday activities. Instead, go for a brisk 10-minute walk or run before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which adds up to 30 minutes and a lot less guilt.

If you’re concerned about maintaining your strength without a weight room, try giving body weight exercises a go. They require no equipment and can be done practically anywhere. However, the convenience is only as effective as long as you’re mindful about actually doing them.

Tempting as the prospect is, being on a holiday is not an excuse to neglect your fitness routine. After all, you’ve worked so hard to get into shape, why let it go to waste for the sake of not following a set routine?

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