Staying Fit in the Summer with Friends

by Sam P. | June 24th, 2015 | Fitness Expert, Teen

playing frisbee (400x400)Staying fit this summer is way easier than it seems.  Of course, everyone is far more active in the summer, but the summer also makes being fit fun.  I mean, no one wants to go outside in the winter and run around with their friends, but in the summer it doesn’t seem like a workout; it just feels like having fun with friends.  Going out for a run with friends isn’t for everyone, it sure isn’t for me, so here are some great ways to have fun while staying fit.

Get all your friends together for this one – extreme Frisbee.  You make two teams and it is very similar to soccer, except with a Frisbee.  If you intercept the Frisbee it is yours, just as stealing the ball works in soccer.  The only added rule is that you cannot take more than three or four steps with the Frisbee (some people do use different house rules).  My friends and I usually go to our high school and use the soccer fields or football fields.  Any fields will do, but ones with lines will make things easier.  Start with only a half field, believe me, you could never imagine just how tiring this game can be.  As you can your friends get better you can increase the field size until you are using a whole field.  Be sure to bring lots of water as you will be sweating, I promise.

Another fun game is whiffle ball.  Far easier and safer than baseball, but just as fun.  You may not think it is that tiring, but if you get a big competitive game going you’ll be sweating in no time.  In the hot summer heat just getting an adrenaline rush burns calories.

Both of these games work best if you get a big, huge group together to play.  Whiffle ball with five people is not even worth playing to be honest.  You need a lot of people playing to get a nice competitive spirit going.  And the higher the competitive spirit you have, the harder you play.

Playing these games are so much fun you won’t even notice you and your friends are working out and staying fit in the hot summer heat.  Just remember to wear sunblock when outside and to drink plenty of water to replenish everything you are sweating out.  Even if your friends may not want to join the first time, they will every time after they see how much fun working out can be.

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