Strength Training in the City

by Mackenzie M. | January 31st, 2012 | Strength Training

For those who live in a cramped house, condo, or apartment in the middle of the city, it can be very difficult to find the space, let alone the time to work on core strength training, or even exercise in general. With minimal room to even do pushups or sit-ups, along with minimal green space, it can be hard to even find the motivation to exercise.

To remedy this situation, many urban centers have developed unique fitness options. From New York to Chicago, and even to Los Angeles, many ideas for urban strength training have sprung up that make it inexpensive and simple to strengthen your core, while juggling the perils of city life.  Here are some of the best options for urban strength training.

Urban Strength Institute. This strength institute in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago is the ultimate urban oasis for strength training. A quick visit to the Strength Institute’s website shows the many testimonials of clients who compliment the Institute’s ability to motivate, teach, and to get results through their unique focus on strength training for the busy urban professional. They understand the constant rush of work, social events, and general business of their clients, and they are extremely accommodating. The Institute provides personal trainers, fitness classes, and it even allows the client to choose the exercises they want to focus on. Facilities similar to the Urban Strength Institute are in several downtown areas across the country, and they are sure to give clients the strength training they crave.

As One. Located in Broadway, right on Columbus Circle, As One in New York City is the perfect urban strength training facility for New Yorkers looking to get six-pack abs, solid pecs, and a strong back. Much like the Strength Institute, As One provides very flexible eight-week sessions, as well as a required commitment to two 75 minutes group strength training class per week. This is the perfect way to get motivated to workout, as well as a unique place to network. For only about $400, the client gets four months of strength training classes, along with the inclusive group activities, making it a true bargain, with amazing results for better core strength.

Revolution Fitness. This Santa Monica strength training fitness center is renowned for its strength training classes and openly acknowledges that when most people workout they neglect core strength training and its importance to an overall healthy workout and physique. In true California style, Revolution Fitness has only the latest and most innovative strength training techniques and classes. All of the trainers are pleasant and perpetually happy, and they motivate clients to build their core strength in a comfortable and exceedingly successful way. Class sizes are small, and the music selection is superb. Revolution Fitness locations in Santa Monica and Venice Beach both offer a promotion of two weeks of unlimited classes for only $49, leaving urban Los Angelinos no other choice but to work on their core strength this winter.

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