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Indoor Cardio

by Joe Lawrence December 19th, 2013| Cardio, Indoor
It is that time of year where we do not want to go outside unless we have to. I live in the south and still seek numerous excuses to not go out for a run or ride my bike. Inside my house I can not stand to run on

Lower Body Strength Training while Jumping Rope

by Jessica B. September 19th, 2013| Lower Body, Strength Training
If you are looking to develop your lower body strength, jumping rope is a great way to help build and tone leg muscle and improve your cardiovascular health. Here are some tips to get you jumping your way to toner legs.

1) Fast reps – This

Playground Cardio for the Homebody

by Angela Yorke April 26th, 2012| Cardio
Let’s say you’re going through one of those periods where you only go out when absolutely necessary, such as to replenish the pantry or to show up for work. The rest of the time though, all you want to do is stay home. It might be because of the

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