The Powerful Pomegranate

by Kimberly Hays | December 13th, 2023 | Diet Strategy, Superfoods

The pomegranate season runs from September through February, so this is the perfect time to advantage of this wonderful superfood that can be found in most grocery stores this time of year. Many have believed for centuries that this fruit holds super-powers. This may be in part to the fact that in Peru, it is believed that in the Garden of Eden, Eve actually at a pomegranate instead of an apple. Also, the Ancient Egyptians used to bury the dead with pomegranates, as they believed that they gave eternal life. Though they may not have super-powers, they are a superfood with great health benefits.

This odd looking fruit is full of antioxidants; actually, more than any other fruit! For one, it will help your skin by making it smooth and fight wrinkles, which is thought to be because they reduce inflammation, but these antioxidants offer much, much more! Those same antioxidants are said to lower cholesterol by ridding the body of LDL cholesterol, also called “bad” cholesterol. This also helps with blood flow and will keep blot clots from forming.

Pomegranates contain flavonoids, which doctors suggest their patients have in order to stave off cancers by removing free radicals that can cause cancer from the body. They may also help strength cartilage in bones, which helps with fighting arthritis and osteoporosis.

They are also high in iron which is very beneficial for blood, by warding off anemia, as well as helping with exhaustion and dizziness. Iron is also beneficial to help slow hair loss.

Also a rich source of vitamin C, researchers state that they are also great sources for vitamins A, E, and B5, and are chock full of healthy fiber, niacin, and potassium.

Today, many people consume pomegranate juice as an alternative to eating the fleshy seeds inside of the fruit. Although you will still reap health benefits from the juice, you will be missing out on the fiber that the seeds offer. Also, eating a fresh pomegranate will assure that you are getting the highest benefits from the nutrients in the fruit.

Before starting a regimen of eating pomegranates or drinking pomegranate juice, do consult your doctor if you are on any type of medication. Pomegranates can cause a bad interaction with some medications. It has to do with messing up how the body metabolizes some drugs, which renders them ineffective, or less effective.

Though research on pomegranates has been limited, there are other claims that pomegranates can help with illnesses such as erectile dysfunction, birth defects, and other diseases is not clear. This fruit has been used in other countries for years for medicinal purposes, and hopefully, further lab testings and research will reveal more powers of this superfood.

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