Unexpected Exercise Benefits

by Angela Yorke | June 10th, 2011 | Exercises

Better muscle tone, greater strength, more endurance, and weight loss are what we expect from consistent exercise. There are also a few other benefits from exercising that few people imagine.

One unexpected benefit of exercise is how pain-free your life becomes. The nagging pain and joint soreness that you used to experience while sedentary, soon disappears after you start working out regularly. Those afflicted with arthritis used to avoid exercise, but the endorphins released from physical activity can actually relieve pain, as well as strengthen muscles and tendons to protect against disuse-related degeneration.

You’d probably dread that time of the month if you’re anything like my female friends. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the bane of most women’s lives. The good news is aerobic exercise increases the rate and strength of intestinal muscle contractions, which results in reduced bloating. You may also be able to say goodbye to excruciating cramps. Exercise also reduces the scary mood swings that can come with PMS.

Even if you’ve just started a fitness regime, you might be surprised at how well you sleep, and how easy it is to wake up each morning. A more efficient metabolism makes it easier for a person to fall asleep without aids such as pills or red wine. That’s not all – sleeping deeply through the night makes waking up easier. Not hitting the snooze button means you’ll have time to get out and exercise more, which continues to help you sleep better!

Take heart, if you’re feeling older than your actual age too – improved energy levels go a long way in improving your vitality. Exercise works better than any anti-aging cream, because it actually makes you look and feel years younger. Somehow, exercise prolongs the life of biomarkers that indicate youth. Constant exertion doesn’t wear a body down; it actually boosts the hormones that regulate regeneration and renewal of the skin, muscles, and bones.

It’s no fluke that you feel more alert after a run either, as frequent exercise helps to stave off degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s, as well as age-related macular degeneration, i.e., vision loss, and conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.

Most of us, myself included, start exercising to drop a dress size or two. The changes that take place along the way, though, such as making healthier choices and living better lives as a result, are nothing short of transformational.

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