Walking and Music: It is Personal

by TK | January 6th, 2011 | Cardio, Walking

The great thing about walking as a form of exercise is that it is something you can absolutely do on your own.  When walking alone, most people still need something to entertain their mind.  With the explosion of iPods and other MP3 players, almost everyone has a portable personal listening device that they take with them on individual walks.

“But what music do you listen to when you walk?” That was the question we posed over at Idea Offer to see what people listen to as they burn calories and take in the great outdoors.

The winning response was from Amy Rae:

Because I have a dog, sometimes walking is the easiest way to get exercise. My favorite music to listen to when doing any kind of exercise is “Girltalk” because it’s some of the most fabulous mash-ups of great upbeat music.

Amy Rae combined music, walking, and exercising her dog to create a powerful combination for her cardio workout.  What music do you listen to while you are strolling?

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