Watch for Heatstroke While Exercising Outdoors

by Marnie Bii | June 19th, 2024 | Mind & Body
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With hundreds of deaths per year attributed to heatstroke, the warning bears repeating. Memorize common symptoms of heatstroke and act fast to treat yourself if you are feeling unwell. If left untreated, heat stroke can land you in the hospital or worse. Although some groups, like the elderly and young children, are more susceptible to the risk of developing a heat related illness, the symptoms can strike anyone out in the heat, especially during strenuous exercise.

As heatstroke develops, you will usually develop a headache and rash. From there, your body may stop producing sweat and nausea quickly sets in. If you do not get out of the heat and seek treatment at that point, you may end up dizzy or faint. Confusion and seizures will follow as your internal temperature continues to rise.

Luckily, if you appropriately respond to the initial symptoms, you can lower your internal temperature to stop illness progression. You can cool down fast by lightly wetting your skin and standing in front of a fan. You can also place ice packs under your armpits and in your groin area to bring down your core temperature. Even if self treatment works, you should still seek an examination from a doctor to prevent complications.

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