Weird Core Strength Training

by Mackenzie M. | May 22nd, 2012 | Mind & Body

There are hundreds of standard ways to do core strength training that are both simple and effective; however, I recently discovered an entire subset of very strange weightlifting techniques that are great for building a lean and muscular core. With these exercises you will surely burn fat, build muscle, and have the toned body you’ve always wanted. Although not absolutely strange techniques, they do deviate slightly from the standard core technique.

One of the first strange techniques is simply known as “training until momentary muscular failure.” Training to muscle failure is as simple as continuing to lift weights or do exercises until you physically cannot perform any more reps, also known as muscle failure. Bodybuilders and people trying to build a solid core, as it breaks down muscle fibers and increases strength, also use this technique. According to the Australian Institute of Sport, researchers concluded that taking your core to the point of muscle failure is important for maximizing strength gaining building core strength. Keep in mind though that training to failure is not recommended every day; it should only be done once per week.

Advanced strength training techniques are also very helpful for building core strength, and they deviate from the normal routine. They break through the regular training program to add required variation to a workout routine. Examples of these are strip sets, drop sets, forced reps, rest-pause, eccentrics, and other advanced exercises. But be sure to only pick one of the exercises and use it once per week. After a period of four weeks, switch to another one of the advanced techniques.

Finally, after these intense workout sessions, pay attention to your rest time. In body building, Arnold Schwarzenneger referred to using this technique with a term called, “the pump.” This is simply an increase in blood flow to muscles and a temporary swelling in muscle size. To get this look, reduce and/or eliminate pauses at the bottom and the top of the reps. The constant tension will increase the pump, and it creates a temporary illusion of amazing muscle size. Stretching before lifting will also help to increase core strength and muscle size and appearance.

Although these exercises and techniques may seem strange, they provide one more way to build core strength. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any strenuous exercise program.

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