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by Bea | September 20th, 2011 | Exercises

Studies have shown that people who exercise on their lunch break are more productive at work in the afternoon. I can relate to that. Not only this, but it lets you knock off another item on your to-do list. You won’t have to wake up two hours early or leave your family at night.

A lot of companies are starting to put exercise facilities in their offices. Even if all they offer is a shower room, you are in good shape. If you have an hour lunch, this is perfect for you! Go outside, work out for 40 minutes, take a quick ten minute shower, and then you will have ten minutes left to sit down to eat a healthy lunch.

Sitting down for an hour with your colleagues may be fun, but exercising may be even better for you. Plus, I have a feeling that this will make your colleagues start to think about how they are going to use their lunch period. Another positive aspect about using your time wisely and exercising is that it will leave you with less time to eat those french fries or other unnecessary calories.

If you do not have a good area to run in, or if your colleagues are not going to run, see if you can get your company to put a basketball hoop outside. It is usually a fun team building activity, as well as a great way to start getting people to exercise. You can also encourage your co-workers to walk the stairs with you.

If you cannot leave your desk, there are some things you can do. Not only that, but there are sneaky exercises as well. For instance, if you are looking to work your shoulders and back, you can sit in your chair nice and straight with your feet and legs together while engaging your abs. Now extend your arms at shoulder level in front of you with your palms down. The next step is to bring your shoulder blades together to make them touch. Now relax your shoulders. Do at least 5 repetitions of this in order to work your shoulders and back. Even just sitting up straight in your chair can do wonders for your abs. Make sure to engage them tightly.

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